about hollywood fringe

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of the emerging arts. More than 184 participant groups from 8 different countries converged on the Hollywood Fringe’s 31venues in last year’s inaugural festival, with a total of more than 17,000 tickets sold. Coming fresh off of Theatre Communications Group’s National Conference in Los Angeles (June 16-18), this year’s festival promises to be even larger.

The annual cultural marathon is designed to allow audiences to see as many of the approximately 180 shows over ten days as they can, with most productions around one hour in duration and at reasonably priced tickets. The mix includes drama, physical theatre, musicals, improv/comedy, and a new category of children’s programming.

The festival is a constortium of theatrical minds, an invaluable opportunity for emerging artists, and a positive boost to small businesses in the local economy.

Environments for the Fringe include both traditional and unorthodox venues; fully equipped theatres, street corners, clubs, bars, and places unexpected. Performances are self-produced by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers. In the spirit of most Fringes, participation is open and uncensored.

Hollywood is home to dozens of Los Angeles’ premiere theatres and clubs, making it the perfect spot for the festival. The neighborhood has always been a source of unapologetic opinion, underground mentality, and a deep passion for the cutting-edge. The Hollywood Fringe is an immersive festival worthy of the neighborhood’s reputation.

The Festival takes place June 16-26, 2011. For more information please visit www.HollywoodFringe.org!

Visit the GIRL BAND page on the Fringe website to comment on our show and buy tickets!


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